Jerry O’Brien presents to Michigan Business Women at Ross Business School.

What’s the Secret?

University of Michigan
September 16, 2019
60-second time-lapse video of
OSP team building with LPs.

O'Brien-Staley Partners investor reception

Jerry O’Brien presents to CREDIT conference at Chicago Booth Business School.

Do You Get The Joke?

Chicago Booth Business School
March 2, 2018
Jerry O'Brien presents to the Private Equity Club at Kellogg School of Management

Just Raise a Fund

Northwestern University, Kellogg School
December 3, 2018
Jerry O’Brien, CEO & CIO of O’Brien-Staley Partners welcome remarks during investor dinner

Jerry O’Brien Speaks at OSP Investor Dinner

Orchestra Hall
October 2, 2018
Warren Staley (OSP chairman, co-founder) remarks during last investor meeting.

Warren Staley speaks at OSP investor dinner

Orchestra Hall
October 2, 2018
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