Working at OSP

O’Brien-Staley Partners is committed to recruiting and hiring financial services professionals who share its investment philosophy and business culture. If you would like to be considered for employment by the firm, please submit a cover letter and resume. Your cover letter is critically important and should specify why you are interested in O’Brien-Staley Partners.


Start with
the right people

The company takes a proactive view on talent identification and recruiting, utilizing an approach and professional network built over years by its talent recruiting specialists.  Key to the approach is recognizing that recruiting is a “career cycle” activity rather than an episodic event.  OSP views it as a futures market, more than a spot market.

O’Brien-Staley Partners is an equal opportunity employer.

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We look forward to assisting you today. Please let us know more for a personalized experience.
Jen Wietecki | Managing Director
Risk & Investor Relations